August 5th, 2004


Well, it seems like I've found someone for roller walks %). One problem, it's too boring to skate back and forward along Zel, so mb go to Msk... If u know some lovely and suitable places for this, pls tell me.

This flame, that burns inside of me... I'm hearing secret harmony... The bell that rings inside your mind is challenging the doors of time.
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    (In my head) Queen A Kind of Magic

Work suxx, I know

Bl'at' ! Takoe osh'ushenie, chto men'a podstavili na rabote etim sranim zadaniem... Bl'a pizdez, ebana'a sush'nost'...
Pridet Eldar v ponedel'nik, ja emu kak sleduet mozgi proebu etim loginom, bl'a
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Chidren's creative

Ot starih druzei vestochki net -- grustno
A ot ineta v dushe pusto
I ot raboti ne vilika poteha
Pravda vot bil iz BS druzhok
Uehal, v Evropu uehal

Bilo b bablo
poshel bi togda na ribalku
Kogo bi ni sn'al
S dushoi otodral -- ne zhalko

Dolgi po'avilis' i lezut nastirno
Vse vishe i vishe
Seichas so vsei mochi zavo'u s toski
Nikto ne uslishit !
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    printer rabotaet
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Game report

Time : 05.08.04 14:45
Current competitors:

AlexandrWolf : 0
BrotherFlame : 2
Pelican : 0
Zealot : 3
Current rules : unavailable (will be posted soon, all points will be recorded by each competitor, here only stats presents)
Last rule update : 03.08.04 23:50
Referee : BrotherFlame
Comments :
It's still looks not good, that 1 of the competitors is the referee, so we need to find someone else to referee.
I've met 1 pretty creature and from now have reduced motivation to get points in "street", although no one can hinder me to get points in "club", may be... Wolf has gone on holiday and waste his time on (as it seems to me) silly 2-3 days trips. Have no idea if he had real chance to get some points in "street" there. Pelican is outta here too. He has gone to the seaside. So chances to get points is funny (although who knows...) What about me and Zealot, we are still here, so we are in a better situation. Zealot dominate... Very interesting... We supposed that he is real outsider... (Pls, don't tell him :)) ) Soon 1 more guy will join us, still have no idea how to present him... But fact is fact, it will be 5-th player.
And now, ladies and gentlemans, it's time to make your stakes :). Good luck and have fun to all competitiors.
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Sidel otkinuvshis' slegka nazad na kresle. Nachal kachat's'a. Zr'a. Ebnuls'a nazad i bol'no prilozhils'a nogoi. Peresel v drugoe kreslo, kotoroe prednaznacheno dl'a etogo.
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    ne do muziki sh'a