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Game report

Time : 09.08.04 11:10
Current competitors:

AlexandrWolf : 0
BrotherFlame : 5
Pelican : 3
Shurigin : 0
Zealot : 7
Current rules : unavailable (will be posted soon, all points will be recorded by each competitor, here only stats presents)
Last rule update : 08.08.04 22:00
Referee : BrotherFlame
Comments :
I suppose that it's not bad, to accept one more competitor Shurigin in this game. So let it be :). I have no recent updates from Wolf and Shurigin, so have no idea how much points they have now, so I mean to mark them with 0 points. Zealot accelerates :) and I can hardly catch up with him. We left others little bit behind now. But just one situation where someone gain 10+ points at once will strongly change game situation. We considered several variants of prize (all of them are pretty good ^_^ ) As soon as Wolf comes back, we will discuss the creation of Game web page.
Good luck and have fun.

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